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Yesterday we had the privilege to welcome the Physiotutors, Andrea & Kai, at the HAN University of applied sciences as guest lectures. The presented a great story about, passion, the use of social media as learning platform and myth busting in Physiotherapy!

Excellent lecture with wonderful argumentation on all topics. The guided the audience, which consisted of both live (HAN students) and online  (Absolon University college Denmark, students, into reflection, thinking about both physiotherapeutic professionalism and reasoning.

Thank you very much!

For all of you who want to find more of the physiotutors, please check these websites





Please check their websites



Feel Good Scale

Feel Good Scale JJW 2017

First presented during Physiocouch event Rennes 2017. Based on the idea that when we really want to elaborate our focus within therapy towards positive, possible and doable directions, we might need add  “feel good” focus next to a “pain” focus. This might help also to monitor increase in stead of decrease.. Off course not always suitable, but why not add it to our lines of thought and repertoire.