Motor learning

As we all know motor learning is a tremendous important part of physiotherapy. As our major concern is movement we are actually constant facilitating a patient in her or his motor learning. We use its concepts continuously both implicit and explicitly. Though as always with concepts it keeps a struggle to apply and maybe even remember what they ar all about. Lucky us, other people constructed already playlists with essential parts convert in short knowledge clips.

below you will find such a playlist. Although placed within the context of sports its application can be transferred to all field of physiotherapy


As we can see within motor learning different elements can be taken in to account. One of those elements are types of practice.

Types of practice

As types of practice gives a kind of overview how we can practice. It is off course useful to grab a bit of understanding concerning possible learning possibilities. The stages of learning by Fitts and Posner are an example of much used theory on stages of learning.

Theory of “Stages of Learning”

Within learning feedback, in all its possible forms, plays an important role which we should never underestimate. A conscious choice about the use of specific feedback type in relation with situation, client, environment, task  and phase of learning can be of great influence on the progession.

Types of Feedback

Feedback in stages of learning


A specific theory in motor learning is the Schema Theory as described by Richard Schmidt

Schema theory

Next to all  above knowledge clips Gentiles taxonomy of motor skills can be very helpful to classify observed skills and can as such be off help formulating physiotherapeutic diagnosis, goals, evaluation and treatment plans





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