Global Physiotherapy

The world of physiotherapy is huge, way bigger then our own countries. It is part of  the globe and as such a part of global health. Which in itself means we should start to talk about GLOBAL PHYSIOTHERAPY as part of global health . Physiotherapy as the craft of facilitating people with finding both momentarily and sustainable solutions for movement related health questions. Off course not by forcing us into other peoples lives, cultures and countries but to explore and see if our professional “solutionism” can be of added value.  We can assume that most of the movement related health questions occur within global areas with a low physiotherapist density (WHO Rehabilitation 2030) .


Being conscious of Global health and Global physiotherapy as such, means we have to add an important aspect to our professional identity; Global Physiotherapy.

Luckily there are already a number of sources which can provide us with more information concerning this topic:

Global Health: Where Do Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Research Fit? in Physiotherapy Canada (2015)WCPT

Global Health devision - Canada Physiotherapy Association


What is global health to physical therapists?

Global Health resources


Perspectives on Global Health

Emerging trends in global health – The environment, sustainable development and health

Global health 

Handicap International

factsheets on rehabilitation

A real must listen:

Global Phyio podcasts

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